Brown Paper Packages…

 …are pretty boring, tied up with string or not.

Here’s a cutie-patootie way to make them better – no cutting machine or vinyl required!
I found these foam stamps and decided I couldn’t live another day without them.  I had no idea what I’d use them for, but that’s beside the point (right?)
I thought stamping with paint would be a great way to spruce up some plain craft paper for a couple of birthday gifts! (I know you’re admiring my well-loved drop cloth)
I started out by dipping the letters into the paint that I’d poured into a styrofoam produce thingy, but after about 2 letters I realized it would be A LOT less messy to just paint the foam stamps with a small brush.
See the difference?  Less paint = better.
I washed the paint off the stamps and let them dry in the sun.
Now there will be no question who these came from! (crazy-paint-everything-girl)