How to choose the best log splitter that suits your economy

You want to find the best log splitter but have to fit your economy but don’t know how yet. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before you buy a quality log splitter. The type of wood and the number of cups you want to make must be noted.

There are some basic features that all log splitters must-have. So if you are new to log splitters or someone that wants to upgrade to a better model, you need to make sure that you check out the features mentioned below before buying log splitters.

Strong engine

Different types of wood require different power to divide, and if the wood is wet, you need to use more energy. The best log splitter will have the necessary ability to cut effortlessly through both hard and wet wood.

It would be best if you remembered that a machine is only as good as its engine because both reliability and speed depend on it. So if you’re a home user, a log splitter with 2 Horse Power will suffice, but if you’re looking for more power, then 3.5 HP would be ideal in most cases.

Therefore, keep in mind the type of wood you will handle and choose a log splitter that can generate the required capacity. You should check the log splitter for RAM and ammeter next to the total horsepower.

Log length and diameter

There are not all log splitters that can be used for woods of all sizes. Records with a larger width and height require log splitter that can handle that size. Most are usually 20 inches long, and 12 inches in diameter work well for most people. You should find out the maximum extent the log splitter can handle before you buy it.

Adjustable height

Your log splitter must have a height log that can be adjusted to fit different sized records. Usually, the log splitter comes with at least two or three height adjustment positions.


Finding the log splitters that come with the wheels will help move the log splitter quickly from place to place if you want protection from natural elements. The presence of the ball hook to pull your machine on the freeway will be an additional advantage in moving your log splitter. A handle will also help drive the log splitter around.

Fast cycle time

The cycle time determines the efficiency and speed of the log splitter. Therefore, to improve efficiency and productivity, you should choose a log splitter with a faster cycle time. 15 second cycle time is considered fast. This way, in less time, the wood can be divided.


A log splitter of robust construction lasts a long time, and the steel splitter is the most durable. Make sure the model you choose uses high-grade steel to create log splitters that will withstand wear longer than other machines.


Your machine must be warranted to ensure all maintenance and repair problems occur on all devices. You can take the time to read log splitter reviews and customer feedback on manufacturers’ websites and other online stores. This will give you an overview of the product you are interested in.


Every machine needs care and maintenance to maintain productivity and durability. How often you use the log splitter will depend on the type of log splitter you have. Usually, an electrical log splitter can exist for a long time without maintenance.

But the gas log splitter needs to be serviced every three to five times. If you have a hydraulic log splitter, check its hydraulic fluid level after each use to ensure optimum pressure maintenance.

Ideally, service your machine by an authorized dealer to ensure all aspects of the device are taken care of, and usually, all parts are available with them.

In conclusion

The sole purpose of this guide is to provide you with complete information to make informed decisions while purchasing the best log splitter. Not only based on the form, but you can also choose the best log splitter by yourself. Different log splitters have distinct advantages and disadvantages. You need to find out all the factors as I have provided above to know if they are perfect and suitable for your needs. A good log splitter will be convenient to use, powerful and will save its time and value.